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Holistic Health & Wellness Services

Focuses on treating the entire person & Not just a disorder or affliction!

  • Consultations & Support
  • Dog Care & Management
  • Pain & Injury Management
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Weight–Loss & Weight–Gain Management
  • Natural Herbal Hormone Replacement Therapy (M+F)
  • Proven Safe Natural Herbal Products for Humans & Pets

  • Consultations & Support
  • Dog Care & Management
  • Pain & Injury Management
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Weight–Loss & Weight–Gain Management
  • Natural Herbal Hormone Replacement Therapy (M+F)
  • Proven Safe Natural Herbal Products for Humans & Pets
Holistic Consultation & Medication FAQ

Professional consulting is a safe and confidential process that empowers individuals to make positive changes in their lives and promotes an individual’s mental and emotional well-being as well as deepening and understanding their understanding of themselves and their purpose.

Consulting enhances self-awareness, self-esteem, and a sense of well-being, and it’s often the first step people take on their journey towards a more positive and fulfilling life.

In my practice at East London, I use a holistic approach to Consulting that draws on a range of modalities to address my client’s diverse needs and circumstances. Consultants use deep, active listening, empathy, and unconditional positive regard for their clients to establish a positive therapeutic rapport, which in itself is deeply beneficial in promoting connection and healing.

I always take a ‘whole-of-person approach to working with individuals, including their emotional, mental, psychological, physical, and spiritual/essential nature.

As is the case with more traditional approaches to Consulting, no two holistic Consultants are alike, with every holistic Consultant bringing their own unique approach and strengths to the Consultation process.

In general, however, where traditional Consulting and psychotherapy focus on psychological symptoms, holistic Consulting and therapy look deeper and aim to uncover underlying causes, patterns, or beliefs. Holistic Consulting takes into account the physical, emotional, and spiritual/holistic aspects of an individual, as well as the psychological ones, and helps clients to grow their self-awareness and self-acceptance to develop sustainable and effective strategies to enhance emotional well-being.

“Its aim is to treat all individuals as whole human beings, made of a mind, heart, body, and soul, to help them break free from behaviors that limit them at all levels so that they can find within themselves the strength and resources to make the changes necessary to overcome their difficulties and move their life forward.”

In Consulting sessions, clients typically arrange a predetermined time for regular meetings, which can occur on a weekly basis and may be short-term, long-term, or ongoing based on individual needs and preferences.

During Consulting sessions, clients are provided with dedicated time, a supportive environment, and the necessary space to explore their lives, emotions, and mental states. This exploration includes addressing any self-limiting beliefs that contribute to psychological distress or hinder their overall well-being and joy. Clients also gain insight into unhelpful or self-sabotaging behavioral patterns, aiming to understand and overcome them.

The therapeutic relationship between Consultant and client plays a vital role and strengthens over time as sessions progress. This growing rapport and mutual trust create a safe space where clients can openly and freely express themselves without fear of judgment or shame. By delving into issues and personal challenges within this secure and therapeutic environment, clients can work towards positive transformations and behavioral changes that improve their overall well-being, relationships, and life experiences.

Additionally, I offer Consulting services through phone, WhatsApp, and Zoom upon request, which can enhance accessibility and convenience based on individual needs and preferences.

Consulting is suitable and recommended for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, a lack of fulfillment, challenging life transitions (mid-life, divorce, and job loss), addictions, eating disorders, grief, anger management, and a range of other mental and emotional health concerns.

Consulting is a proactive and empowering means of addressing the issues that can restrict us and keep us ‘stuck’ in a supportive and safe environment with a professional who cares and supports you on your journey of discovery and transformation.

Consulting is a profession with a strong evidence base, drawing on empirically supported interventions and specialized interpersonal skills to facilitate change and empower clients.

Consultants are skilled in a range of modalities and equipped to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and across a range of demographics from children and young people to adults, couples, and older individuals.

In medicine, describes the interaction of two or more drugs when their combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects seen when each herb is given alone.

The best way to take Herbal Medicine is in the form of capsules & tinctures. Our Natural Herbal Products are safe for the body, because it does not include any additives, & offers the advantage of practicality for those who are always on the move.


(Please read before contacting us!)

(‘Scientifically Proven Safe Natural Herbal Products for humans & pets!’)

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Treatment of Mange in horses, dogs, cats, puppies & kittens.

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inquiry, please contact Herbal Clinic & Wellness Center.

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