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Meet herbalist
Doctor Christo Strydom.

My Grandfather made Herbal Medicine on his farm where I grew up in Green Bushes, Port Elizabeth. Both he and my grandmother suffered severe ill health! I took note of what he was doing at the time, although I was still very young.

Thus my journey was inspired and had lead me to become the Herbalist Doctor and Martial Artist that I am today. Some background of this path and ongoing practice is noted below. During my 30+ year career I have gained a diverse wealth of experience as I worked at various Natural Health Clinics, as well as working alongside the Physio-Therapist, Elsa Strydom in Vryburg.

I have similarly had the privilege of working alongside the famous Stol Van Der Merwe in his Beauty Clinic in Vryburg, where he also performed evaluations for Beauty School Students.

I have worked together with the Author, Healer, Therapist, & Psychologist Diane Lang. My formal qualifications include, but are not limited to, a Diploma in Massage Therapy/ a Diploma in Herbal Medicine/Foot Alignment Therapy Certification/Quantum Touch Certification. As well as being certified I am registered with relevant Authorities and Practise Herbal Medicine from where I am based in East London

As Far as my passion for Martial Arts and Self Defence is concerned, the following is a short map of my history and experience with the art. I started boxing at the tender age of six in Port Elizabeth training under Vernon Ingraham. I was fortunate to stay with & train under the late Author and Sensei Stan Schmidt, then Head of SA JKA. Sensei Stan had his Master’s Degree in Psychology and I remember him as great teacher and inspirational mentor. I had the honour to be Tested & Graded for my Black Belt by Sensei Stan Schmidt, for which I was successful. I furthermore stayed and trained under Sensei Norman Robinson. I Trained Ninjitsu under the Legend Sokei Ben Mangels in Port Elizabeth. I represented Border Karate and was furthermore chosen to represent South Africa. I was exposed to and learned both Yoga and Body Work through years of practising Martial Arts.

I employ my skills of martial arts, and my experience as a X-police member to develop various effective self-defence techniques. These I teach at the Bully-Proof Women’s Self- Defence Empowerment & Combat Yoga training sessions which I host for ladies. As a footnote to my physical training, I include the practise of Callanetics, Isometrics and Dynamic Tension to balance the management of my physical health. Injuries are inevitable when you train and fight therefore I was compelled to learn how to treat and heal my body incorporating further my mental states also.

My tried and tested approach for Optimal Health & Wellbeing that I learned via a trial and error approach spanning many years, is the following; Intermitted Fasting, Daily Training, Stretching and Cold Water Exposure. Life is movement! My life experiences and ongoing momentum has shaped my passion for coaching, educating and helping people to live their best and healthiest lives.

At the Herbal Clinic & Wellness Center, from where I practise, I see clients and patients and have extended my approach to also include Online Consultations & Coaching. My approach to Holistic Health & Wellness focusses on health that nourishes the body, and nurtures the soul. In addition to our human clients/patients, I provide herbal medicine solutions for our furry pets, as well as alternative dietary options and advice.

Hippocrates — “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that
make him sick”

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