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5-Day Detox & Cleanse Combo Pack


5-Day Detox & Cleanse Tutorial

(Start the Procedure first thing in the morning on an empty stomach)
1. In the morning add 10x Oxygen Drops to 250ml pure sparkling lemon water also add the magnesia & calcium powder to the water as directed and drink. 2. Take the laxative jam next as directed.
3. Once you have cleansed the bowels take the Herbal Capsules as directed.
4. Wait 30 minutes before you eat so that the medicine doesn’t compete with the food.
5. Eat a healthy meal do ‘The Grape Cure Diet’ for better results.
6. Take 1x activated charcoal capsule 30 minutes before lunchtime.
7. Stay hydrated flush out toxins drink lemon water throughout the day.
8. At bedtime at drink a glass of lemon water to keep
hydrated your body repairs itself & remove toxins during night.
9. Incorporate Intermitted fasting for better results.
10. Drink Rescue Remedy for best results, available from our store.

* Marimba Natural Laxative Jam (Strongest Laxative!)
Intestinal Cleanse
* Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Drops Oxygen Colon Cleanse
* Activated Charcoal
Removes Toxins & Chemicals
* Magnesium + Calcium Combo
Restores Gut Flora & Improves Absorption
* Devils Leaf Capsules
Corrects Blood Chemistry + Blood Builder & Purifier
* Milk Witch Capsules or Aloe Ferox Capsules
Liver Cleanse & Kidney Flush (Strong Diuretic Properties)

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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5-Day Detox & Cleanse Combo Pack